One Platform to Streamline Your Hiring and Assessment needs.

Simplify your recruitment process with mTestHub. Screen, assess, and select top talent with ease.

Streamline Your Hiring and Assessment needs.
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AI-Powered Assessment Capabilities

Add intelligence to your hiring lifecycle. Make informed, data-driven decisions with mTestHub's advanced assessment tools.

How mTestHub Elevates Your Assessment Process

AI-Driven Automated Screening

Beyond just creating a job post and its respective assessment test, our AI evaluates how closely an applicant's CV aligns with the job post, ensuring only the most relevant candidates move forward.

AI-Driven Automated Screening
Skill-Based Evaluations

Design assessments that gauge candidates' skills accurately. Our diverse question types, combined with AI insights, cater to various examination needs, ensuring precision in every evaluation.

Comprehensive Evaluations
AI-Powered Interviews

Distribute a test link for video-recorded answer sessions. Applicants respond to preset questions, and our AI analyzes the submissions, highlighting the top candidates for you.

AI-Powered Interviews
Advanced Anti-Cheating Features

Alongside our AI capabilities, ensure fairness and authenticity in examinations with features like multi-face detection, tab-switching prevention, screen recording, and live proctoring.

Configurable to Your Hiring Needs

mTestHub adapts to your organization's unique recruitment workflows, ensuring a seamless experience

What our customers say



Since integrating mTestHub into our recruitment process at Metricoid Technology Solutions, we've witnessed a remarkable 60% increase in efficiency. The platform has revolutionized the way we screen candidates, providing us with highly qualified, interview-ready individuals. With mTestHub, we've reduced the time to fill positions from months to just a week, significantly accelerating our hiring process. We couldn't be more pleased with the impact mTestHub has had on our recruitment strategy.



Nice tool for cheating free examination.


The experience of giving online exam was pretty good

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