Advanced Anti-Cheating Features with mTestHub

In the digital age, ensuring the authenticity of online assessments is paramount. mTestHub's Advanced Anti-Cheating Features safeguard the integrity of every test, ensuring genuine results every time.

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Advanced Anti-Cheating Features

Why Advanced Anti-Cheating Features?

Online assessments, while convenient, can be susceptible to dishonest practices. You can achieve the following with mTestHub's robust anti-cheating features:

Maintain Integrity

Ensure that every candidate's submission is genuine and untampered.

Level the Playing Field

Guarantee that all candidates are assessed fairly, without any having an undue advantage.

Refine your process

Ensure that your process only allows the best candidates to move forward, while dishonest practices and incapable candidates are filtered.

Features of mTestHub's

Advanced Anti-Cheating Measures

Multi-Face Detection

  • What it does: Detects if more than one face appears in the frame during an assessment.
  • Why it's important: This feature indicates potential collaboration or external help, ensuring that the candidate is the only one attempting the assessment. It maintains the integrity of the examination by preventing unauthorized assistance.
Multi-Face Detection

Tab-Switching Prevention

  • What it does: Prevents candidates from navigating away from the test window.
  • Why it's important: This ensures that candidates aren't looking up answers on the internet or accessing other unauthorized resources. It helps in maintaining a controlled environment for the test, ensuring that the results are a true reflection of the candidate's abilities.
Tab-Switching Prevention

Screen Recording

  • What it does: Records the candidate's screen throughout the assessment.
  • Why it's important: By capturing the entire test session, any suspicious activity or unauthorized access to external resources can be detected. This recording can be reviewed later to confirm the authenticity of the candidate's attempt. An invigilator can verify a candidate’s attempt if mTestHub’s AI flags the candidate for suspicious activity.
Screen Recording

Live Proctoring

  • What it does: Allows invigilators to watch a live stream of the candidate's screen and camera as they attempt the examination.
  • Why it's important: Live proctoring provides an additional layer of security, ensuring that candidates are adhering to the rules of the examination. It deters cheating by making candidates aware that they are being monitored in real-time. Invigilators can take action against a candidate that does not abide by the rules set for the assessment.
Live Proctoring

Benefits of Using mTestHub's

Advanced Anti-Cheating Features

Trustworthy Results

Be confident that the results of your assessments truly reflect each candidate's abilities.

Reduced Administrative Overhead

Automated anti-cheating measures reduce the need for manual invigilation.

Enhanced Candidate Experience

Honest candidates will appreciate a system that ensures fairness.

The value of an assessment lies in its authenticity. With mTestHub's Advanced Anti-Cheating Features, ensure that every test taken is a true reflection of a candidate's abilities.
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