Post-Shortlisting Actions with mTestHub

Once the initial screening is done, what's next? mTestHub's Post-Shortlisting Actions feature ensures a seamless transition from shortlisting to the subsequent steps, optimizing the recruitment workflow.

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Why Post-Shortlisting Actions?

The period post-shortlisting is crucial. It's where potential hires are nurtured and decisions are made. mTestHub ensures:

Streamlined Workflow

Automate the next steps after shortlisting to ensure a consistent and efficient process.

Enhanced Candidate Experience

Provide timely updates and actions to candidates, enhancing their journey with your organization.

Reduced Time-to-Hire

By automating post-shortlisting actions, accelerate the hiring process and reduce manual intervention.

Features of mTestHub's

Post-Shortlisting Actions

Auto Interview Scheduler

  • What it does: Automates the interview scheduling process.
  • Why it's important: Shortlisted candidates can directly book interview slots from the interviewer's calendar, reducing manual coordination and speeding up the interview arrangement process.

Features That Assist With Auto Interview Scheduling

  • Time Zone Intelligence: Automatically detects and adjusts for the time zones of both the interviewer and the candidate, ensuring no confusion or missed appointments.
  • Flexible Availability Settings: Interviewers can set their preferred availability, allowing candidates to pick slots that align with the interviewer's schedule. This reduces the back-and-forth often associated with finding a suitable time.
  • Seamless Integrations: WhatsApp Integration enables instant communication and reminders through WhatsApp, ensuring timely notifications and updates.

Feedback Collection

  • What it does: Allows interviewers to leave feedback for each candidate directly within mTestHub after the interview.
  • Why it's important: Streamlines the decision-making process, ensuring consistent evaluations and enhancing collaboration between interviewers and the HR team.
Real-Time Feedback

Technical Assessment

  • What it does: Allows interviewers to further evaluate the technical skills of shortlisted candidates.
  • Why it's important: By conducting a deeper technical assessment post-shortlisting, interviewers can ensure that the candidates not only fit the role on paper but also possess the practical skills required for the job.

Benefits of Using mTestHub's Post-Shortlisting Actions

Consistent Candidate Journey

Ensure every shortlisted candidate goes through a standardized and efficient process.

Data-Driven Insights

Collect and analyze data on post-shortlisting actions to continuously refine and optimize the recruitment workflow.

Reduced Administrative Load

Automate repetitive tasks, allowing the HR team to focus on more strategic activities.

The journey doesn't end at shortlisting. With mTestHub's Post-Shortlisting Actions, ensure that the subsequent steps are as efficient and effective as the initial screening, leading to successful hires.

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