CRM - Candidate Relationship Management with mTestHub

mTestHub includes robust Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) features, transforming the platform into a comprehensive tool for managing candidate interactions and relationships. This set of features is designed to help organizations, especially recruitment agencies, maintain detailed records and manage candidate information efficiently.

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Why CRM?

Effective candidate management is crucial for streamlined recruitment. mTestHub’s CRM features offer:

Efficient Management

Keep track of all candidate interactions and information in one place.

Enhanced Collaboration

Share insights and information with team members for better decision-making.

Improved Candidate Engagement

Maintain continuous and meaningful interactions with candidates.

Features of mTestHub's CRM:

Talent Pool

  • Candidate Reallocation: Add rejected candidates to a talent pool for future consideration.
  • Invitation for Other Jobs: Invite candidates from the talent pool to apply for other relevant job posts.


  • Profile Tagging: Add tags to candidates’ profiles for quick identification based on skills, job positions, etc.
  • Search and Filter: Use tags to search and filter candidates, making it easier to find suitable candidates.


  • Contextual Information: Add notes to candidate profiles to provide additional context and information.
  • Collaborative Insight: Share notes with team members, enhancing collaboration.

Types of Notifications:

  • Bell Notification: Notifications appear in a dedicated section with a bell icon, accompanied by a sound alert.
  • Push Notifications: Highlight the tab if the user is on a different tab, or show on-screen notifications if the user is on the mTestHub tab.
  • Email Notification: Users receive email notifications about specified events.

Notification Preferences

  • Global Preferences: Set notification preferences that apply to all job posts and events across the account.
  • Job Post-Specific Preferences: Customize notifications for individual job posts that require close monitoring.
  • Event triggers: These include Assessment Completion, Assessment Success, Candidate Shortlisted, Interview Scheduled, Interview Feedback, Status Update, and Candidate Message.

Combining Features for Optimal Results

Streamlined Workflow

Use the talent pool, tagging, and notes features together for comprehensive candidate management.

Efficient Reallocation

Quickly find and re-engage candidates from the talent pool for new job opportunities.

Timely Updates

Customize notification preferences to ensure critical events are never missed, enhancing responsiveness

Enhanced Decision-Making

Provide hiring managers with concise, relevant candidate information, improving their ability to make informed decisions.

Benefits of Using mTestHub's CRM

Enhanced Candidate Management

Efficiently manage a pool of candidates, reducing repetitive recruitment efforts

Improved Searchability

Use tags to locate and group candidates quickly, streamlining the recruitment process.

Collaborative Workflow

Share insights and additional information with team members, enhancing collaboration and decision-making

Customizable Alerts

Tailor notifications to suit organizational needs, ensuring relevant updates and timely responses

Better Client Relations

Provide hiring managers with a refined candidate list and efficient feedback mechanisms, improving client satisfaction.

Effective candidate relationship management is key to successful recruitment. mTestHub’s CRM features provide the tools needed to maintain detailed records and manage candidate information efficiently.

"Optimize Your Candidate Management with mTestHub’s CRM Features!"

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