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To gather more comprehensive information about candidates beyond their CV/resume, mTestHub offers the ability to add custom questionnaires to job posts. These questionnaires not only provide additional insights into candidates but also serve as a tool for shortlisting candidates based on their responses.

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Why Custom Questionnaires?

Organizations often need more detailed information to make informed hiring decisions. Custom questionnaires allow for:

In-Depth Candidate Insights:

Collect additional data on candidates’ skills, experiences, and fit for the role.

Tailored Evaluation:

Customize questions to align with specific job requirements, ensuring relevant information is gathered.

Streamlined Shortlisting:

Use questionnaire responses as part of the shortlisting criteria for more accurate selection.

Features of mTestHub's Custom Questionnaire:

Comprehensive Question Creation:

  • Variety of Question Types: Include multiple-choice, short answer, and long answer questions to gather the necessary information.
  • Mandatory Completion: Ensure candidates complete the questionnaire before submitting their application.

Seamless Integration:

  • End of Job Post: Add the custom questionnaire directly at the end of a job post for seamless candidate experience.
  • Shortlisting Rules: Use responses from the custom questionnaire as one of the shortlisting criteria.

Combining Features for Optimal Results:

  • Flexible Usage: Tailor the questionnaire to collect specific information needed for each job post.
  • Shortlisting Rules: Use responses from the custom questionnaire as one of the shortlisting criteria.

Benefits of Using mTestHub's Custom Questionnaire:

Enhanced Candidate Insights

Gain deeper insights into candidates' skills and fit for the role beyond their CV/resume.

Improved Shortlisting Accuracy

Use detailed responses to create more precise shortlisting criteria, ensuring that only the most suitable candidates are considered.

Streamlined Process

Integrate the questionnaire into the application process seamlessly, making it easy for candidates to provide additional information and for recruiters to evaluate it.

Custom questionnaires are a powerful tool in the recruitment process, providing additional insights and enhancing shortlisting accuracy. mTestHub's Custom Questionnaire feature helps organizations make informed, data-driven decisions.

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