Video and Screen Streaming for Anti-Cheating

In the digital era of online examinations, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of student assessments is paramount. mTestHub's Video and Screen Streaming feature offers real-time monitoring, ensuring a transparent and genuine examination process for educational institutions.

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Video and Screen Streaming for Anti-Cheating

The Challenge of Online Examinations

As online examinations become the norm

The challenge to maintain examination integrity becomes paramount.

The importance of providing a seamless and interactive examination experience for students is heightened.

The need to ensure students aren't resorting to unfair means is crucial.

Features of mTestHub's

Video and Screen Streaming for Anti-Cheating

Real-Time Monitoring with Instant Alerts

  • What it does: Allows invigilators to watch a live stream of the student's screen and camera during the examination.
  • Why it's important: Immediate visibility into the student's actions ensures that any suspicious activity, such as rapid eye movement or off-screen glances, is instantly flagged. This real-time monitoring ensures the integrity of the examination and minimizes the chances of malpractices.
Real Time Monitoring

Dynamic Multi-Face Detection

  • What it does: Continuously scans the video feed to detect the presence of only the registered student.
  • Why it's important: In a digital examination environment, ensuring that only the registered student is taking the test is crucial. This feature ensures that any additional presence or the absence of the primary student is immediately flagged, maintaining the authenticity of the examination.
Multi-Face Detection

Tab-Switching Prevention and Alerts

  • What it does: Prevents students from switching tabs or accessing external resources during the test.
  • Why it's important: In today's digital age, access to information is just a tab away. By preventing tab-switching and flagging any such attempts, it ensures that students rely solely on their knowledge, preserving the fairness of the examination.
Tab-Switching Prevention and Alerts

Screen Recording with Timestamped Flags

  • What it does: Records the entire examination session with time-stamped flags for any suspicious activities.
  • Why it's important: Having a recorded proof of the examination session allows for post-exam reviews. Time-stamped flags enable invigilators to quickly navigate to moments of concern, ensuring that any discrepancies can be addressed even after the examination has concluded.
Screen Recording with Timestamped Flags

Benefits of Using mTestHub's

Video and Screen Streaming for Anti-Cheating

Enhanced Examination Integrity

With real-time monitoring, ensure that every student is adhering to the set guidelines and rules.

Reduced Cheating Incidents

Advanced features like tab-switching prevention and multi-face detection reduce the chances of unfair practices.

Data-Driven Insights

Review recorded sessions to gather insights, understand student behavior, and refine the examination process.

In the realm of online education, ensuring the authenticity of student assessments is a challenge. With mTestHub's Video and Screen Streaming feature, educational institutions can elevate the credibility and integrity of their online examinations.
Ensuring the authenticity of student assessments

Ensure Fair and Transparent Examinations with mTestHub's Anti-Cheating Features!

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