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Last Updated: 28-3-2024

In an exciting development, mTestHub proudly announces a strategic partnership set to revolutionize the recruiting agency industry. Daniel V. Passariello, a renowned figure in business growth and marketing, joins forces with Amarjit Kumar, esteemed CEO of Metricoid and a technological visionary. This synergy marks a significant milestone in mTestHub's journey towards becoming an essential tool in the U.S. recruiting tech stack.

Daniel V. Passariello, with his extensive 13-year background in Business Growth, Sales Enablement, and Marketing, assumes the role of Chief Growth & Strategy Officer. His expertise in strategic partnerships, robust sales frameworks, and growth promotion will be pivotal in establishing mTestHub as the premier solution for recruiting agencies.

Amarjit Kumar, as Chief Technology Officer, will lead a team of dedicated technicians. His leadership at Metricoid Technologies is poised to bring innovative technological advancements to mTestHub. The team, which has been tirelessly developing this technology for over two years, is thrilled to work with Daniel. Their combined expertise promises to significantly elevate the platform.

"Our partnership aligns with mTestHub's mission to enhance recruiting efficiency, crucial for agencies reliant on this efficiency to drive revenue and commissions," says Amarjit Kumar. "mTestHub was developed to address a specific challenge in recruitment for my other company.

Despite having Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), we noticed these systems often fail to filter out unsuitable candidates. They rely on a single qualification criterion, which isn't always effective. We were seeing a surge in less suitable candidates bypassing the ATS and reaching final interviews, while genuinely talented individuals, who may not excel at resume writing, were overlooked. mTestHub aims to revolutionize this process. It's designed to identify top talent more efficiently and effectively, while also automating aspects of the recruitment process."

Daniel Passariello shares his enthusiasm, "AI tools are increasingly used by job applicants to enhance their resumes, indicating the traditional recruitment process needs an upgrade. The ease of creating impressive resumes with AI means a well-crafted resume doesn't always signify the most qualified candidate. I am excited to partner with such an established team. This platform is 2 years in the making and has all the bells and whistles necessary to begin making an impact from day one."

Key features of mTestHub include advanced analytics, seamless integration with existing systems, and a user-friendly interface ensuring a streamlined recruiting process.

Daniel Passariello's vision, combined with Amarjit Kumar's technological expertise, is set to make mTestHub an indispensable part of every recruiting agency's tech stack. This collaboration is not just about launching a new product; it's about reshaping the future of recruiting.

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